Freeze drying and vacuum frying, 2 completely different methods

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These two production methods both create products with some similar characteristics such as crispy, keeps natural shape, but the properties are completely different. One way is used for producing high-value goods, and the other way is used for producing popular goods. In this content, we will focus on dried fruit products to easily see the difference between freeze drying and vacuum frying, Mactech tries to analyze to help customers choose the right equipment to use.

sự khác nhau giữa sấy thăng hoa và chiên chân không, cần hiểu rõ để lựa chọn máy sấy
Freeze-dried fruits always have a natural color, lighter than fresh color, dry surface, non-sticky to the hand, spongy, brittle texture, and especially absorb moisture from the air very quickly.

Currently, there is a lot of confusion between crispy drying and crispy frying, or to be more precise, between freeze drying and vacuum frying, because these two methods both ensure that the product is crispy, dry, retains shape and color, can be preserved for a long time, but the quality is very different and the price is also very different.
We do not have the same choices when using products, but will depend on certain properties and characteristics of the product, for example, people like crispy foods, people like chewy foods, people like to eat fried foods, people like to eat dried products to maintain good quality…The difference in product quality will determine the market price, so crispy fried, vacuum fried fruit and vegetable products all have affordable prices, fried products are also called vegetable snacks.

sự khác nhau giữa sấy thăng hoa và chiên chân không, cần hiểu rõ để lựa chọn máy sấy
Crispy fried vegetables and fruits, also known as fruit and vegetable snacks, are crispy and solid, with a thin layer of cooking oil on the surface. When held it in the hand, a thin layer of oil will stick to the hands. Eating is not fragrant, does not absorb moisture from the air or very slowly.

Vacuum frying is crispy frying products in a vacuum frying chamber, frying temperature is about 80 ~ 130oC, frying pressure is about 1000-5000pa, corresponding to 0.01 ~ 0.05bar, frying time is about 1-2 hours, ingredients dipped in hot frying oil, the finished product is guaranteed to be crispy, solid, retain shape and color… But the quality is reduced, nutrition is reduced, flavor is reduced, even though it has been centrifuged, the product is still soaked in cooking oil, so eating too much will not be good for your health.

Freeze drying is to use a freeze dryer to dry all types of products, completely removing the water content in the product, the drying temperature will vary from -30oC to 40oC, the drying chamber pressure is 0 ~ 50pa, corresponding to 0 ~ 0.0005bar, drying time 20-30 hours.
The dried ingredients are placed on a static drying tray, frozen and then heated to dry based on the principle of sublimation of ice. The finished product is crispy, spongy, the surface is dry, retaining its shape and color, retains nutrition, sweetness, quickly absorbs moisture from the air…Therefore, freeze-dried fruit is very different from vacuum-fried fruit. Although the quality is better, the price is much higher, so it is difficult to apply in small-scale production.

To better understand vacuum frying, you can find a lot of information on google that will explain the principle of vacuum frying. Therefore, before choosing production equipment for drying or frying, you need to clearly understand the difference between freeze drying and vacuum frying.

Customers who need advice on drying products such as how to dry and which dryer is suitable, please contact Mactech Vietnam directly via the hotline on this website so we can respond effectively. Thank you for learning the shared content.

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