Freeze drying for instant coffee, drying from instant coffee water

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Have you ever heard of or directly drying pure powdered coffee (instant coffee)? In this content, we will learn an effective drying method to obtain very fine powder from dissolved coffee water from roasted coffee. After completely drying, the powder has a high dryness, is loose, has a natural color and retains the original flavor of the raw coffee. That is freeze drying for instant coffee, a very effective drying method for liquid solutions.

sấy thăng hoa cafe bột, sấy bột cafe từ dung dịch nước
Instant coffee has been completely dried, the powder is smooth and spongy

Milk coffee, powdered coffee, and instant coffee are not simple to dry from instant coffee water when only using common drying methods. For large-scale production of instant coffee, the drying and production method will be very different from small production because the amount of investment will affect the technology applied. Currently, private production facilities and coffee farms also tend to want to create instant coffee with their own brands, the production method is also different on a large scale, creating flavored unique coffee in a certain style that big brands haven’t done yet. Therefore, the method of freeze drying for instant coffee has received a lot of attention after the covid pandemic.

After the covid pandemic, the trend of leaving the city to return to the countryside to start a business and Farm has become strong, so after a few years of development, Farm owners or startups want to go deeper into production of agricultural products. In which dried products are the key, instant coffee products with their own styles are increasing and require appropriate drying methods to obtain instant powder coffee from coffee liquid form.

sấy thăng hoa cafe bột, sấy bột cafe từ dung dịch nước
The dissolved liquid Coffee when put into the drying chamber

The drying method to obtain starch from aqueous solution that is commonly used today is using a freeze dryer ( freeze drying machine). This drying method is a high-tech drying method, only suitable for products with high value and requiring high quality drying. Currently, freeze drying is commonly applied to cordyceps mushrooms, yellow flower tea, probiotics, spirulina powder, crispy dried durian, fruit juice essence, vegetable juice… and applied to producing instant coffee on a small scale.

In the video above is the process of sublimation drying for instant coffee powder from the time the coffee water are put into the drying tray until completely dried and a very dry and very fine powder is obtained. Total drying time for each drying is about 25 – 30 hours. The temperature on the product will change with each drying stage, decreasing from 30oC to -30oC and then increasing to 30oC, 40oC, then a freeze drying process will be completed.

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